Traditional Waterford Food

Don’t leave Waterford City without trying out the world famous ‘Blaa’ a floury bread product exclusive to Waterford City eaten mainly at breakfast time.  Its introduction to Waterford City has been credited to the French Huguenots who settled in Waterford City in 1693.  They brought pain blanc to Waterford which was corrupted by Waterfordians to blaa.  Locals enjoy their blaa with a ‘rasher’ of bacon or some ‘Red Lead’ (luncheon sausage) in the middle as a mid morning snack. Other popular fillers include cheese and onion crisps and sliced ham, which the locals pronounce ''hang''. It is common for locals to eat hang blaas on the side of the road before the big match.

The rasher was actually invented in Waterford City by Henry Denny who set up his operation in Waterford City in 1820 and this is where to both developed and patented several production techniques and from this the modern bacon curing process and thus the ‘rasher’ was invented in Waterford.  Along with the rasher, Waterford is also home to the Cream Cracker as Jacobs Biscuits was set up on Bridge Street in Waterford in 1881.

Waterford people are also fond of their offal meat due to the sheer number of meat producing factories that were located here at one time or another.  It is said that the only part of the pig that we leave behind is the squeal, which is testament to the ''waste not want not'' Irish attitude prevalent in the city. Waterford people are especially fond of salted pork ribs (cured like bacon) boiled until the meat is falling off the bone and served with mashed spuds and cabbage. Sometimes cabbage is mashed into the spuds with other ingredients to produce Colcannon, which is still served up by many an Irish mammy to this day.  Some Waterford folk are fond of boiled pigs feet also, but this is a delicacy of sorts and would not suit everyone’s taste.  Other types of offal  meat, such as chucks and loin bones can be added to a white Irish stew with beef, carrots, parsnips, onions etc. to add flavour. The marrow and fat that seeps out of this meat gives the stew a delicious and unique taste. You can still order up this type of cuisine in Rockett’s of the Metal Man, Tramore Co. Waterford,  which is only 7 miles from Waterford city.

So if you happen to be eating out in a café or restaurant in Waterford why not do as the Deise do and order up some good old fashioned Waterford fodder.

  Traditional Irish Food Waterford


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